Without photovoltaic all-risk insurance(electronics insurance) or fully comprehensive insurance, it is best not to operate a photovoltaic system. This insurance is a must for operators. PV all-risk insurance covers most of the damage that can occur to your PV system itself. This insurance cover applies from the time the system is commissioned and not before, even if the insurance has already been taken out.

Photovoltaic all-risk insurance

What risks are covered?

Photovoltaic all-risk insurance covers all unexpected property damage and pays compensation. Insured are e.g:

  • Theft, burglary, robbery or looting
  • Sabotage or vandalism
  • Bite damage from animals
  • Natural events: Lightning, storm, hail, frost, ice, flooding only under certain conditions
  • Cable damage
  • Overvoltage, overcurrent
  • Operating errors, clumsiness, negligence, improper handling
  • Force majeure e.g. snow pressure, fire, explosion and extinguishing damage
  • Moisture
  • Impact or crash
  • Intent of third parties

What is not insured?

Photovoltaic all-risk insurance does not cover things such as

  • Intent on the part of the policyholder
  • War events of any kind, terrorist attacks
  • Damage caused by nuclear energy
  • Earthquake
  • Operational wear and tear or ageing
  • Warranty claims.

Photovoltaic all-risk insurance from Alianz Versicherungs AG

With a PV system on your roof or building façade, you are making a valuable contribution to the energy supply of tomorrow. However, your photovoltaic investment must also pay off. In the event of damage, unexpectedly high costs can upset your entire calculation. Insurance protects you from financial losses due to unforeseeable damage.

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What can happen?

Material damage:

Allianz offers so-called all-risk cover. This covers, for example, damage caused by

  • Fire, lightning, explosion (incl. short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage)
  • Storm, hail, frost, snow pressure
  • Earth subsidence, landslide, rockfall
  • Design, material and execution errors
  • Theft, vandalism, malice
  • Operating errors, clumsiness
  • Failure of the measurement and control technology

In addition to the restoration costs, Allianz covers a large number of other costs that may arise as a result of property damage, e.g. clean-up, decontamination and disposal costs, movement and protection costs, air freight costs, costs for earthworks, paving, bricklaying and chiseling work as well as the provision of scaffolding.

Loss of earnings:

If electricity production is interrupted due to an insured loss, Allianz will pay you a lump sum for each kilowatt peak affected per day of downtime.

Liability claims:

The insurance covers legal liability claims. In the event of a claim, Allianz will check whether and to what extent you can be held liable. It pays compensation if it is justified and defends unjustified claims against you.

Photovoltaic all-risk insurance - Allianz deductible

In the event of damage to your photovoltaic system, the deductible for photovoltaic all-risk insurance is generally 250 euros. The deductible for loss of earnings insurance is two days.

What is compensated and is there a yield guarantee?

Photovoltaic all-risk insurance covers all repair costs. If a repair is no longer possible, the replacement costs are covered. Business interruptions are also covered. Reduced yields due to reduced global radiation are also insured. This includes a shortfall of more than 10 percent in the predicted annual energy yield.

How are the PV systems insured with Solar Direktinvest?

Do you want to rent out your roof? Don't worry: we take out all-risk insurance with Allianz for all of our own PV systems and for our customers' systems as part of the all-round carefree package. The costs are included in the all-inclusive package. The insurance includes liability insurance, all-risk insurance and the yield guarantee of Allianz Versicherungs AG.

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