Solar Direktinvest experience

Who has had experience with Solar Direktinvest so far? Is there any significant and meaningful feedback on a photovoltaic investment and its profitability? Are there also customer experiences with roof space rental?

This page provides you with an overview of some of the reviews from our customers who give feedback on our work. Through our transparency, we create the trust that is important for the sale of our photovoltaic systems and for the conclusion of new lease agreements with roof owners and landowners.

With a direct solar investment, investors can take advantage of enormous tax benefits, benefit from attractive returns and make a major contribution to protecting the environment. Roof owners, on the other hand, benefit from newly renovated roof surfaces or a high one-off payment. Landowners receive a high lease payment if they rent out their land for a solar direct investment.

Solar direct investment experience

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Solar Direktinvest experiences of investors and roof owners

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    Solar Direktinvest specializes in the leasing of large roof areas throughout Germany in order to install solar systems on these large roofs. The roof areas are leased for 40 years and the owner receives a free roof refurbishment or a lease payment.

    Some of these completed photovoltaic systems are kept in the company's own portfolio, but some are also sold to private investors .

    Accordingly, there are already many roof owners and investors throughout Germany who have gained experience with Solar Direktinvest. We report on this below. In turn, Solar Direktinvest has also been able to gain experience with Milk the Sun - you are welcome to find out more about this.

    Solar Direktinvest experiences of roof owners

    We now work with over one hundred investors and roof owners throughout Germany. Below you will find reviews from our roof area owners. The owners of large roof areas throughout Germany receive a high one-off payment or even a completely free new roof covering through roof rental. This saves them six-figure sums that they would otherwise have to invest in the roofs themselves.

    The following video shows Thomas Löffler from Letzendorf, who decided to lease his previously unused roof area for photovoltaics due to the downsizing of his dairy farm.

    Roof leasing

    "Everything went smoothly with Solar Direktinvest. They were very reliable. The construction work, the installation, went very quickly and I don't think it took longer than 14 days. It was a top team that came to the yard. Wonderful, we need more companies like that."

    Thomas Löffler
    Solar Investment: Letzendorf, 145,92 kWp

    We look forward to continuing to work with Mr. Löffler on future land leases and realizing further projects.

    Other customers who have gained experience with leasing their roof areas from Solar Direktinvest:


    Danke für die tolle Zusammenarbeit, von der Dachsanierung über den Bau der Photovoltaik Anlage haben wir von Solar Direktinvest eine sehr gute Leistung erhalten und möchten uns recht herzlich bedanken. Ich kann diese Firma zu 100% weiterempfehlen.


    The new renovation of the roof is exactly what we had in mind. Our building now looks very high quality and makes a beautiful impression. Many thanks for the new roof and the clarifying discussions.


    I am very satisfied with the company Solar Direktinvest, our asbestos roof was professionally renovated completely free of charge, the process took place within the planned deadline. This roof renovation would have cost us around €300,000, which with our surface area meant €110/m². I am very happy that I came across Solar Direktinvest and can recommend them 100%.

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    Investors report on their Solar Direktinvest experiences

    Solar direct investment_

    "As a lawyer, I naturally look very closely at the contracts. Overall, I found the contracts to be very customer-friendly and easy to understand. The contract processing therefore went very smoothly and, above all, very quickly. Communication was very pleasant, not only at the time the contract was concluded and shortly before, but also during the project execution. I always felt very well informed and regularly received pictures and information about the progress of the project. I always felt and still feel very well looked after."

    Dr. Steffen Knepper
    Lawyer specializing in renewable energies
    Solar Invest: Letzendorf, 145 kWp and Petershagen, 299 kWp

    "We have implemented new photovoltaic projects with Solar Direktinvest. Our experience was very good because you could simply see that the company's entire concept is based on the long term and sustainability. [...] Our experience with Solar Direktinvest has been very positive. We assume that the market has massive growth potential in the future. This is characterized by the entire political background: Russia issue, expensive gas. A PV investment should actually be an addition to any intelligent portfolio. In addition to our company investments, we consider this to be a very, very solid building block for the creation of stable assets."

    Mirko Steffen
    Wirtschaftspsychologe und ehemaliger Geschäftsführer eines Energieversorgungsunternehmens


    Awards about the Solar Direktinvest experience

    Solar direct investment

    The professionalism and customer orientation of Solar Direktinvest are not only confirmed by the feedback from its customers, even the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization and the DUP UNTERNEHMER magazine have praised the company's exceptional service.

    Nach einer unabhängigen Analyse und Bewertung erhielt die Solar Direktinvest GmbH alle 3 Auszeichnungen: "Arbeitgeber der Zukunft", "Top Service" und "Fairness First". Damit beweist sich das Unternehmen als kundenorientiert, modern und transparent gegenüber seinen Kunden, Mitarbeitern und Partnern, welche mit der Solar Direktinvest Erfahrungen sammeln konnten.

    Experience of sellers of existing investments


    "My impression of Solar Direktinvest was very pleasant from the very first phone call. The work was not intrusive. What means a lot to me in such transactions is that what was discussed on the phone was actually implemented. It was recorded by e-mail and then it was finalized. And that was actually the decisive factor for me, that you have a serious business partner with whom you can work together and with whom you can organize transactions of this size."

    Philip Vergin
    Immobilien- und PV Anlagen-Investor
    Solar Investment: Brück, 144 kWp

    "I got to know Solar Direktinvest a few years ago. Their business model, what they do and how they do it, is sustainable and they are characterized by a high level of expertise, speed and reliability. I think that's very important. And if you take a look at the history, who did what and when, you will see that Solar Direktinvest has a flawless track record - and that's exactly what you need. You need experience, you don't have to worry about anything and you can be sure that everything will work out as agreed."

    Martin B.
    Verkäufer von PV-Bestandsanlagen
    Solar Investment: Weisenheim am Sand, 321 kWp


    Solar Direktinvest experiences on Proven Expert

    On the independent portal of Proven Expert you will find lots of feedback from our customers, whether roof owners or investors. We have selected a few reviews for you below. Anyone who has had experience with Solar Direktinvest can rate us on this page.

    Heiko F.


    You really get what is promised here. A very competent and great dynamic company with a good and high-quality service. The price is still right here. Keep up the good work!

    E. Brown


    A dream from A-Z
    We got a 9.9Kwh - the installation went so quickly that we hardly noticed it

    Von uns – ganz klar 5⭐️

    Katrin H.


    I would like to thank Mr. Köhler for his professional advice and handling! I can recommend Solar Direktinvest to anyone who wants to invest money sensibly!

    Wolfgang Hacker


    The entire process, from quotation to advice and installation, was excellent. Competence in all areas. Thank you !

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    Solar Direktinvest experience in saving taxes

    In an interview with Solar Direktinvest, Jens Rüggeberg, a self-employed tax consultant from Düsseldorf, not only shared his tips and tricks on saving taxes with photovoltaic investments, but also his Solar Direktinvest experience in buying PV investments.

    Solar direct investment

    „Ich habe für mich persönlich nach einem Investment zum Steuern sparen gesucht und da kommt man, ehrlich gesagt, um PV-Anlagen einfach nicht rum. PV Invest ist ein wesentlicher Bestandteil, wenn es um Steueroptimierung und Investitionen geht. Und wenn man dann seriös sucht, landet man zwangsläufig bei der Solar Direktinvest – ein anderes Unternehmen gibt es gefühlt für mich überhaupt nicht und habe ich auch gar nicht wahrgenommen. Und deswegen war das direkt ein guter Türöffner. Und es blieb glücklicherweise genau bei diesem ersten positiven Eindruck – in der gesamten Abwicklung, mit allem was danach kam.“

    Jens Rüggeberg
    Steuerberater und PV-Investor

    Experience from previously implemented photovoltaic systems

    Bilder sagen mehr als Worte – ein kleiner Überblick

    Here you will find some pictures of the photovoltaic systems built or brokered by the Solar Direktinvest Group. You can find a larger selection of our reference plants under References.

    If you would like to invest in photovoltaics and it is particularly important to you to have a reliable partner at your side to implement the project for you, then you have come to the right place. Even if you want to sell a new system or your used solar system one day, we will take care of it for you. Our customers can always rely on us.

    We want to leave a positive impression with our work and make a major contribution to protecting our planet by generating clean energy. Become part of the energy revolution and purchase your own photovoltaic system from us.

    Solar Direktinvest experience

    299.63 kWp Petershagen

    Solar Direktinvest experience

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    Solar Direktinvest experience

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    Solar Direktinvest experience

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    Solar Direktinvest experience

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