Rent out roof space

Do you have an unused roof area? Then earn money by renting out your roof area for the operation of a photovoltaic system.


Would you like to rent out your roof area or rent out your roof for the operation of a photovoltaic system?

Then you've come to the right place! We will pay you a high lease payment for 40 years in return for being able to use your roof areas. You can now benefit from your previously unused roof areas!

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How does it work to rent out a roof area?

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    By renting out your roof area, you make your roof space available to a person or company for a limited period of time .

    In our case, we are talking about a roof rental for the operation of a photovoltaic system. This generates electricity that is fed into the electricity grid, for which the system operator receives remuneration. This is secured by the Renewable Energy Sources Act.

    As profits are generated through the operation of the photovoltaic system, you as the roof lessor receive remuneration in the form of a one-off payment or free roof refurbishment and a share in the profits.

    Renting out roof space

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    What are the advantages of renting a roof?

    Renting out a roof has many advantages. Especially if you rent your roof space to a successful and experienced company. Here are some of the benefits you get when you rent your roof space to Solar Direktinvest:

    • High one-off payment

      Rent out roof space and receive a high rental payment from us! We pay this as a one-off payment for 20 years in advance.

    • Upgrading the property

      Rent out roof space and benefit from an enormous increase in the value of the property thanks to the additional rental income and the roof renovation.

    • Free roof renovation

      If you want to rent out your roofs and they need to be renovated, you will receive a free roof renovation (even for roofs containing asbestos)!

    • Secure rental income

      The income from the roof lease is as secure as the sunrise in the morning. Put your trust in the proven technology of photovoltaics.

    • No costs

      As we pay for the PV system on your roof surface, there are no costs for you when leasing the roof and even when renovating the roof skin !

    • Without risk

      As we assume the entire costs for you when renting out the roof and we give you a share in the sales of the PV system, there is no risk for you.

    From what size can I rent out my roof area?

    Would you like to rent out your roof area and not buy a photovoltaic system yourself? Your roof should have a minimum size of 1000m² .

    Why is this the case? Since 2005, the remuneration for roof systems has fallen sharply. In 2005, there was still a remuneration of over 50 cents per kWh generated. Now it is less than 7 cents per kWh. Every month, the remuneration for newly built photovoltaic systems is reduced further.

    The connection costs of a photovoltaic system remain roughly the same, regardless of the size of the roof area. Smaller projects can therefore no longer be implemented economically. The minimum size required increases with each month, so don't hesitate if you want to rent out your roof area.

    A detached house has a roof area of approx. 100m² - 200m². With garage partly 300m². These roof areas are not suitable for leasing. In this case, it is advantageous to purchase your own photovoltaic system as a direct photovoltaic investment, so you do not need your own roof area. There are other alternatives that can bring you high profits with a solar system if you have a roof area of less than 1,000 m². We will be happy to help you further, just write to us using the contact form by clicking on "Send inquiry now".

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    What other requirements are there for the roof rental?

    Not every roof surface is suitable for the installation of a photovoltaic system. When searching for suitable roof areas for our PV investment, we have to be selective. We decide according to the following criteria:

    up to 1,000 m² Einfamilienhaus oder einzelne Garage The roof rental is partially possible
    from 1,000 m² Large warehouses or industrial roofs The roof rental is possible
    Renting out roof space

    Good condition of the buildings and roof trusses

    The buildings on which the PV system is to be installed and the roof structure of the buildings must be in good condition. If the roofs are in need of renovation or contain asbestos, you will receive your roof renovation from us free of charge .

    Lease roof

    No demolition or conversion of the building planned for 40 years

    Renting out your roof area is only possible if the installed PV system can also generate income over a sufficient period of time. Therefore, only rent out your roof area if you are certain that you do not want to demolish or alter the building for the next 40 years.

    Roof rental

    No roof rental possible with shading

    The roof areas should not be in the shade. Areas that are shaded cannot be counted as an occupiable area. If the shading is caused by trees, these can be cut back. A total of at least 1,000m² of shade-free roof areas must be available.

    What are the prices in 2024 for renting out the roof?

    The amount of remuneration for roof leases depends on whether the roof surfaces need to be renovated or are new / as good as new.

    The prices that were possible for roof rentals in recent years up to 2022 have generally continued to fall. This is because the state remuneration has also fallen. Following the increase in the EEG 2022, the state remuneration will fall again every month from January 2024 - and with it the profitability of the photovoltaic system.

    If the roof needs to be refurbished, we will cover the full cost of the roof refurbishment for the first 20 years of the lease. From the 20th year onwards, you will receive 10% of the profits from the solar system. If the roofs do not need to be renovated, we will pay you a proportion of the kWp that we can install, up to €100,000 as a one-off payment for 20 years in advance.

    Roof area in need of renovation Free roof renovation 10% of profits as rent
    Roof surface as good as new One-off payment of up to €100,000 10% of profits as rent

    Rent out roofs or buy the photovoltaic system yourself?

    Do you have your own unused roof area and don't want the building to be demolished for decades to come? Then you should definitely rent out your roof area or invest in photovoltaics yourself.

    We are happy to help you with both! You can rent us your roof, or we can build your own photovoltaic system.

    Here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of renting out a roof or purchasing your own photovoltaic system:

    Rent a roof Income without any risk Binding to tenant
    Buy a PV system 100% control Investment costs

    Rent out roof space thanks to increased EEG feed-in - while it's still possible!

    Would you like to rent out your roof space, upgrade your property and make profitable use of your previously unused space? Then don't wait any longer for the "right time". Because the solar system that is installed on your roof area will only pay off economically if the electricity generated by the solar system is remunerated.

    ⇒ Due to legal changes in the wake of the energy crisis, the remuneration for larger solar systems has been significantly increased again!

    ⇒ From January 2024, the remuneration will continue to fall and may be discontinued completely in the future!

    For over a decade, the EEG remuneration was increased in 2022 due to the energy crisis in order to make the expansion of photovoltaics more attractive again. This means that it is currently extremely lucrative to rent out your roof space. So take the opportunity to lease your roof now while it is still possible and lucrative.

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    How can Solar Direktinvest help me with my roof rental?

    PV Investment

    The Solar Direktinvest Group takes care of the acquisition, purchase, brokerage, development, construction and sale of photovoltaics and everything that goes with it. We specialize in rooftop systems and solar parks in Germany that are located on leased land. We provide you with everything you need for a secure, carefree and sustainable photovoltaic investment from a single source.

    Our company headquarters are located in the Middle Franconian city of Nuremberg, directly on Lake Wöhrder See. Alongside companies such as Mercedes Benz AG, Apo Bank eG and VR Bank eG, we are therefore in a prime central location.

    Satisfied investors and lessors
    Employees (internal and external) work towards a green future
    Professional experience in the construction of photovoltaic investments
    approx. million.
    euros in new solar investments per month

    Mentions in the press and media about renting out roof space with Solar Direktinvest

    The following articles, contributions and mentions reflect the experiences of our customers - including those who rent out their roof area for photovoltaics - as well as the many aspects of a PV investment from the Solar Direktinvest Group.

    Hundreds of successfully implemented projects for roof rental

    Pictures often say more than words. Below you will find a small selection of photovoltaic roof systems where the owners of the property rent out their roof area for the operation of a PV system. You can find many more examples under reference systems.

    We have taken pictures of some reference projects before construction, during construction and after completion. As a matter of principle, we work very transparently and always publish part of the completed projects. In this way, we can also give you an impression of what your buildings will look like when you rent out your roofs. Like many roof owners before you, you too can benefit from roof rental.

    Rent out roof space
    Renting out roof space

    152 kWp Stollberg

    Rent a roof for solar

    295 kWp Alzey II

    Rent a roof

    162 kWp Bad Lippspringe

    Roof for rent solar

    253 kWp Trebel

    Lease roof area

    245 kWp Ingelheim

    Roof leasing

    200 kWp Ganderkesee

    Roof lessors report on their experience of leasing roofs to Solar Direktinvest

    Roof leasing

    "Everything went very smoothly with Solar Direktinvest. They were very reliable. The construction work and the installation all went very quickly. I don't think it took longer than 14 days. The fitters arrived straight after delivery - they were a top team! They brought their own materials and didn't need anything from us. They came to the site early in the morning and worked through to the evening. Wonderful! We need more companies like that!"

    Thomas Löffler
    Roof lessor
    Solar Investment: Letzendorf, 145 kWp

    "Of course, it was tempting for us to get the full price for the rental space for the first 20 years and then share in the profits for another 20 years. For me, this is also a certain additional pension that should not be underestimated. What I can really say about Solar Direktinvest is that you are dealing with a company that treats you as equals. They stand by their agreements."

    Roland Stelzer
    Roof lessor
    Solar Invest: Nuremberg, 226 kWp

    Solar Invest

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    Are there any other experience reports for renting out roof space in exchange for roof renovation?

    The results you can expect after renting your roofs from us for a solar investment can be seen in the following testimonials. In the following three projects alone, not only were high rental payments made to the owners, but the owners also saved six-figure refurbishment costs. Benefit by renting out your roof area in exchange for a roof renovation.

    Lease roof

    Stendal picture before

    Roof rental

    Stendal Picture after

    Roof for rent Solar 669.90 kWp PV system in Stendal, Wilhelminenhof 1

    • Problem

      The owner of the roof areas in Stendal owns a total of 4,600 square meters of roof space, which she has not yet used . She does not benefit in any way from a vacancy. Meanwhile, other owners of large roof areas throughout Germany are already renting out their roof areas and generating high yields.

    • Solution

      A free refurbishment of the older roof area and the rental of the roof areas that are in a new condition.

    • Result

      The roof area to be renovated was completely renewed free of charge. The owner saved renovation costs totaling around €40,000. She also received an advance lease payment from us in the high five-figure range. From the 20th year of letting, the owner has a share in the income from the solar system, so she also benefits from high rental income in the long term.

    Roof area for rent in exchange for roof renovation 183 kWp, Wismar, Pappelweg 12

    • Problem

      The roof surfaces are old and contain asbestos. The cost of renovating the roof is already in the six-figure range. In addition, the asbestos must be disposed of professionally. Special protective equipment is required for the renovation. 

    • Solution

      Instead of renovating the roofs themselves and leaving the roof areas empty, the owner can rent out the roof area in return for a roof renovation. A solar system can then be installed on the roofs.

    • Result

      As profits can be generated by operating a solar investment, we were able to completely renovate the owner's roof surfaces free of charge in return for the roof rental. The area is now being put to good use for the generation of green electricity.

    Rent out roof space

    Wismar picture before

    lease roof area

    Wismar picture after

    Lease roof area

    Templin picture before

    roof space rental

    Templin picture after

    Roof for rent Solar 414.40 kWp PV system in Templin, Kreuzkruger Str. 21

    • Problem

      These large agricultural buildings in Templin are used as storage sheds and stables for cows. The roofs of the buildings urgently needed to be renovated. The roofs contained asbestos with a total roof area of approx. 3,200m². The roof renovation costs amounted to approx. 280,000€. 

    • Solution

      A free refurbishment of the roof areas and renting out the roof areas.

    • Result

      The roof areas containing asbestos were completely renovated free of charge. The owners can rent out their roofs for solar installations and enjoy the new roof cladding and the upgrading of the buildings. They also make a major contribution to our environment.

    Solar roof rental experience - Further examples

    Roof area for rent in exchange for roof renovation 528.60 kWp in Vitense, Törber 13

    The owner of the roof areas in Vitense, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern approached us because he had already heard about the possibility of renting out roofs and he has suitable roof areas for this. He does not want to buy and operate a PV system himself.

    Before the roof area could be rented out, the roof cladding had to be renovated, as the roof area contained approx. 3,400 square meters of asbestos. As the disposal and renovation of a roof cladding containing asbestos is associated with high costs, the owner decided to rent out the roof area. This saved him renovation costs of around €350,000, which he can use for other purposes. It is particularly important to the owner that the roof covering is stable and weather-resistant in the long term, so that no further roof refurbishment is required for at least the next 40 years.

    The material of the roof covering plays an important role in the lease of roof space, and no savings should be made here. The materials we used convinced the owner. We were also able to convince them with our many years of experience in the field of roof renovation. The result is a beautiful building with new roofs, a happy roof owner who has had a positive experience with solar roof leasing and another successfully implemented project as a direct solar investment.


    Vitense picture before


    Vitense picture after


    Stavenhagen picture before


    Stavenhagen picture after

    Roof for rent solar 147.63 kWp PV system in Stavenhagen Dorfstraße 15

    Stavenhagen is a small community in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with a beautiful landscape and some large, unused roof areas. The owners of the buildings at Dorfstraße 15 are now taking the first step towards clean energy generation and the use of vacant space by renting out their roof areas. Renting out the roof space is of particular benefit to them, as an urgent roof renovation was needed for the approx. 1,000 square meters of roof space.

    By renting out the roofs, the owner saves the costs for this and at the same time ensures that the roof renovation is carried out professionally and expertly. A few weeks after the start of construction, the roofs had already been renovated and the photovoltaic system installed.

    We look forward to possibly being able to support other projects in the region. Whether in the north or south, east or west of Germany, we are the ideal contact if you want to rent out your roof. We will be happy to tell you about your experiences with solar roof rentals!

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    Roof space for rent 200 sqm
    Rent a roof Solar
    Roof leasing

    Numerous positive reviews from customers about roof leasing at Proven Expert

    As a customer of Solar Direktinvest, you have the opportunity to write a review on the Proven Expert evaluation portal after or during the cooperation in order to report on your experience with roof leasing . Regardless of whether you have leased your roof or open space, sold your PV system or purchased a system as a PV investment. By doing so, you will build trust with new roof lessors and encourage them to lease your roof area and support the expansion of renewable energies.

    Beate Müller

    "I am very satisfied with Solar Direktinvest. Our asbestos roof was renovated professionally and completely free of charge, and the process was completed within the planned deadline. The renovation would have cost us around €380,000."

    Arjeta Terziu

    "Very great company with a super concept. Our old asbestos roof on our farm was renovated free of charge and very professionally, and a photovoltaic system was installed. By leasing the roof, we were able to save €170,000, which has brought us enormous benefits."

    Mr. Credible

    "I recently rented my roof space to Solar Direktinvest and have been very satisfied with everything since the first contact. From the short construction time to the free roof renovation, everything went exactly as agreed."

    Julian Sneidero

    "Thank you for the great cooperation, from the roof renovation to the construction of the photovoltaic system, we received a very good service from Solar Direktinvest and would like to thank you very much. I can recommend this company 100%."

    Norbert Pirzer

    "I would like to thank you very much for your competent and reliable cooperation. By renting out the roof, I received a free roof renovation. This has saved me over €150,000 and I can now use the money for my livestock with peace of mind."

    Holger Schneider

    "We would like to thank you very much for the free roof refurbishment, you were able to draw on extensive know-how on roof leasing and impress us with a large number of realized projects. From the very first moment, we were the center of attention and had a secure feeling."

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    4 reasons for leasing a roof to Solar Direktinvest

    What is particularly important to you when you rent out your roof space? What is particularly important to you? By renting your roof to someone who has already gained a lot of experience in this field and has already successfully implemented many projects, you are making a good decision. In the following, we will discuss 4 reasons why you are in the best hands with us when leasing a roof area of 1,000 square meters or more.

    • 1

      Roof rental directly to the project developer

      By renting your roofs to us, you work directly with the project developer from the outset and for the entire term. Your contact person therefore always remains the same and you receive everything from a single source.

    • 2

      Rent out roofs with immediate implementation without delay

      If you rent out your roof area and can implement the project immediately, you should not wait. A photovoltaic roof system is economically attractive primarily due to the state remuneration. As the remuneration continues to fall every month and will cease completely in a few years, later implementation always means lower profitability and therefore lower lease payments. By working with us, you don't lose any time, as we don't have to wait for a financing commitment or a monetary subsidy from an investor.

    • 3

      A high-quality roof renovation before the roof lease

      Would you like to rent out your roof and need a free roof renovation beforehand? Then you should definitely have this carried out by professionals, as the new roof cladding should last for at least the next 40 years. When renovating a roof, it is not only important to use the right materials, but also to have the work carried out professionally. Only then will you be able to benefit from an intact roof over the term of the lease. 

    • 4

      Years of experience with roof rental

      If you want to lease your roof, it's best not to leave anything to chance. The fact that we will also successfully implement your project to your satisfaction is proven by the numerous PV projects we have successfully implemented to date. You can find a selection of our completed PV systems under "Reference systems" on our website.

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    Frequently asked questions about renting out roof space

    Below you will find frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the subject of renting roof space. If you have any further questions, please contact us using our contact form. We will be happy to answer all your questions about renting out roof space!

    We conclude lease agreements for up to 40 years, and sometimes even longer. The lease agreements are concluded individually, for example with a minimum term of 20 years and an additional 2x 10-year extension option. This means that when you rent out roofs, you benefit from the rental income from your roof area over a long period of time and increase the value of your property in the long term through profit sharing.

    If you would like to rent out your roof area, we will install the photovoltaic system on your roof within approx. 4 weeks. A maximum of 8 weeks is required, in some cases we are ready after just 2 weeks.

    This also depends on whether we renovate the roof surfaces before you rent out your roof. If the roof surfaces are refurbished, more time is required than without roof refurbishment. 

    If the roof surfaces are to be renovated, we proceed step by step so that the old roof cladding is removed first and then the new roof cladding is installed. Then we move on to the next section. This ensures that the roof surfaces are almost completely covered during the roof renovation and that the inside of the building remains protected in the event of rain. 

    In principle, almost all buildings are suitable for roof space rental. We build on farms, warehouses, production halls, roofing in any form, riding halls, halls with animal husbandry, residential buildings, indoor swimming pools, car dealerships, commercial enterprises, industrial halls, sports facilities, indoor tennis courts and many more...

    It is important that the PV modules are not excessively contaminated. This would be the case, for example, if you were to breed pigs or chickens in the buildings and the exhaust air were to be discharged in the middle of the roof area directly above the modules. In this case, the photovoltaic system would be exposed to so much pollution that it would hardly be possible to operate it economically.

    It is therefore not always possible to rent out the roof area, and not with all buildings. The same applies to a roof area that is shaded. As soon as a shadow falls on the photovoltaic modules that cannot be removed, the yields of the PV direct investment are significantly impaired. Therefore, only areas that are exposed to sunlight around the clock can be used.

    Yes, as the roof lease is agreed for a period of 40 years and roof renovation during the term must be ruled out in advance.

    If your roofs are not new or have recently been renewed, we must renovate the roofs before the roof rental. We will cover the cost of the roof refurbishment. If your roof surfaces are already somewhat older and you are not sure whether the roof surfaces will be able to withstand the next 40 years, please send us detailed pictures of the roofs so that we can discuss this with you.

    Yes, we even renovate roofs containing asbestos. Our roofers professionally remove and dispose of old corrugated asbestos sheets that are harmful to health.

    So if your roofs still contain asbestos, the combination with roof space rental is not only an ecologically but also an economically extremely sensible solution. We bear the entire costs and you benefit from the new roof areas and the additional long-term rental income. Here you can find everything you need to know about asbestos removal photovoltaics

    Below you will find pictures of asbestos boards and the dismantling process.

    Rent out roof space PV systemLease roof areas

    We only use trapezoidal sheet ing from a well-known German manufacturer for roof renovation. Trapezoidal sheeting is extremely weather-resistant, durable and very stable. It is therefore very suitable if you want to rent out your roof areas over a longer period of time. It is also relatively light, so the existing roof truss can usually withstand the additional static load of the PV system without any problems. You can find everything you need to know about free roof renovation here.

    There is an anti-condensation fleece on the underside of the trapezoidal sheet, which prevents condensation from dripping from the ceiling. This anti-condensation fleece costs more, but we will pay this surcharge for you.

    If you would like to rent out your roof area and the roof needs to be renovated, we will cover the renovation costs by hiring a qualified roofer with whom we have been working successfully for many years. If a property owner wants to rent their roof to us, we take great care to ensure that we carry out the renovation work in such a way that all roofs are leak-proof and have been renovated to a high standard. This is the only way to ensure positive cooperation over the coming decades.

    As a rule, you do not need any additional insulation after the roof renovation.

    By installing the trapezoidal sheet and installing a second layer of photovoltaic modules, two layers with a gap are created in the roof rental. The photovoltaic modules are mounted together without gaps so that they cover the entire roof surface. This creates additional insulation.

    → This keeps buildings cooler in summer and provides additional thermal insulation in winter.

    It also provides additional noise insulation when it rains. The photovoltaic modules intercept the rain and are cleaned, while the roof cladding remains protected. The noise level inside is therefore significantly lower than without a photovoltaic system on the roof.

    A prerequisite if you want to rent out your roof area is an intact roof structure. If this is not the case, we cannot offer you roof renovation free of charge.

    We can carry out roof truss work for you, this is not included in the costs. We would pass these labor and material costs on to you without a surcharge.

    Roof truss work includes, for example, the supply and installation of battens, the replacement of trusses, collar beams or rafters.

    Would you like to rent out your roof area and need a new roof covering? Then we will renovate it for you completely free of charge.

    We cannot cover any other costs for additional services such as the installation of gutters and downpipes.

    We would pass on the costs for this without a surcharge. The free roof renovation includes the removal of the old roof cladding, the disposal of the old roof cladding (including panels containing asbestos) and the installation of a new roof cladding.

    Examples of other chargeable special services: colored trapezoidal sheet metal, demolition of chimneys, extra insulation or sandwich panels instead of trapezoidal sheet metal.

    In principle, it is possible to rent out the roof area and use the electricity generated yourself at the same time.

    However, the hardware required to use the electricity yourself costs so much that it is only worth purchasing electricity directly once a certain amount of electricity is required each year.

    If this solution is economically viable, you can protect yourself from rising electricity prices in this way. To check whether your electricity requirements are sufficient to use the PV system yourself, please send us your most recent electricity bill.

    The photovoltaic system feeds the electricity it produces into the public grid. The system operator receives a 20-year feed-in tariff for the sale of the electricity from his solar direct investment.

    After the first 20 years, the electricity can continue to be sold on the free market. There will be many different options for this, some of which are described in the subpage Remuneration after 20 years for more information.

    By renting out your roof area now, you still benefit from the legally guaranteed remuneration, which is currently still paid for newly built PV systems. If this remuneration ceases to apply, it will no longer be economically viable to install a PV roof system. So don't waste any time if you want to rent out your roofs.

    Is it more economical to rent out roof space or buy your own photovoltaic system? This is very easy to answer: 

    For most roof owners, it is generally much more interesting to rent out the roof areas .

    This is because the buyers of a solar system are nowadays the ones who can benefit from tax advantages. Nobody invests in a PV system purely for profit anymore. There are much more lucrative investments, such as real estate. 

    Why is it hardly possible to make a profit? 

    As the EEG remuneration for newly built photovoltaic systems has fallen dramatically. In 2010, solar systems paid for themselves after around 10 years. It now takes 20 years for the costs of a PV system to be amortized! 

    What tax advantages can be used? 

    Especially when it comes to the taxation of severance pay! Investors can save taxes on severance pay or even receive the severance pay tax-free.

    In summary, it is therefore most lucrative for landowners and roof owners to opt for a roof lease or a land lease with the current remuneration. 

    To secure the lease agreement, a first-ranking easement must be registered for the entire term of the roof space lease.

    -> This is because it secures the lease payment agreed in the lease agreement for the owner and the rights of use for the owner of the PV system, regardless of who the current owner of the property is.

    In the event of a property sale, you may be able to achieve a higher sale price thanks to the upgraded property. In addition, the new owner of the property benefits from renting out the roof space, as they can expect additional long-term rental income.

    If you want to rent out your roof area, it must also be free of shading.

    Only in this way can the installed photovoltaic system generate the necessary yields to finance the entire project. Therefore, if there are still trees on your property that could cause shading over the next 40 years, the trees must be felled. This must be done before construction begins.

    Things get complicated if you want to rent out your roof and the trees that create shade are located on someone else's property. If this is the case, we must leave the corresponding areas unoccupied.

    If you rent out your roof space and we install a photovoltaic system on your roof, no planning permission is required.

    Approval must only be obtained for listed buildings and ground-mounted PV systems.

    In Germany, there is a ban on building on roofs containing asbestos. We therefore have to renovate the roof surfaces before we can cover them with PV modules.

    The fact that no permit is required for roof areas is an advantage compared to a solar investment in open spaces. If you own an open space, you can lease this land for the operation of a solar park.

    To ensure the smooth and long-term operation of the photovoltaic system during the roof rental period, we maintain the photovoltaic system in regular cycles of one year.

    We check the strength of all modules, the inverters and the technical operation of the photovoltaic system. This is an advantage of roof rental, your roofs are not only additionally protected by the photovoltaic system but also regularly checked.

    For the most part, we build photovoltaic systems for our customers.

    These are usually individuals who have received a large settlement and have to make a high tax payment to the tax office. 

    If you rent out your roof area, you benefit from a high lease payment and the buyer of the solar system benefits from the tax advantages. After 20 years, the solar system has usually paid for itself through the income it generates. Profits can then be generated. You share in these profits if you lease your roof.

    We, Solar Direktinvest, remain the point of contact for all matters. We take care of maintenance, administration and insurance for the customer.

    The service life of a photovoltaic system is around 50 years. 

    A lease term of 40 years is agreed for the roof space rental. A 20-year lease is concluded immediately and the owner of the solar installation receives a two-time extension option of 10 years.

    Certain requirements must be met for this term: The photovoltaic system must be installed on new roofs and the buildings must be inspected before you lease the roof area. These must be guaranteed to withstand the entire term of the lease.

    Another important prerequisite is that the photovoltaic investment has been installed by a professional solar installer and is free of defects. This also includes the use of premium components and regular maintenance. Only in this way can a photovoltaic system last for a long time and generate regular yields over this period.

    Further information can be found at: Service life of a PV system

    Many photovoltaic module manufacturers offer a performance guarantee for their modules, which is usually around 25 years.

    Photovoltaic modules generally last well over 50 years.

    According to studies, the decrease in output of photovoltaic modules is only approx. 0.1% per year. After 40 years, your photovoltaic system will therefore still generate approx. 96% of its initial output.

    Click here to go directly to the studies of the Fraunhofer Institute: Fraunhofer Institute.

    Click here for the results of a 35-year-old solar system: University of Oldenburg.

    Yes, leasing land for a photovoltaic system is also highly interesting in addition to renting out the roof, as many open spaces can no longer be used for arable farming and are free anyway.

    These areas are generally designated as conversion areas. A legally guaranteed remuneration is paid for this. The most important requirement for renting out open space is a minimum size of 10,000 square meters.

    If you own such land, you will find more information on the subpage Lease land for further interesting information.

    There are basically three options after the roof rental period of 40 years:

    We dismantle the photovoltaic system and sell it as a dismantling system. Photovoltaic systems of the size we build generate an annual yield of around €10,000 - €50,000. Accordingly, these systems are also offered and sold on the open market without a suitable roof area.

    Alternatively, we can alsoextend the lease agreement with you . You can continue to rent out your roof area and benefit from the continuous rental income through revenue sharing.

    Another option: you purchase the photovoltaic system. This allows you to continue to benefit from the income from the solar system and keep it in full.

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    Inquiry and procedure if you would like to rent out your roof area

    • Send contact request

      Would you like to rent out your roof space? Then contact us via the contact form. Your data will be treated confidentially: 

    • Processing the request

      We will process your request and view your roof areas via Google Maps. Not every roof area is suitable for roof rental.

    • Receive documents by e-mail

      We will send you all the documents for the roof lease by e-mail and tell you what we need from you for the roof lease.

    • Returning documents

      In order to be able to rent out your roofs, we need the signed lease agreement from you by post, as well as meaningful pictures and also the authorization for a grid request to the energy supplier.

    • Submit a network request

      In order to successfully rent out your roof space, it is essential that the energy generated can be fed into the public grid. We obtain this from the energy supplier.

    • On-site appointment

      Is nothing standing in the way of your roof rental? Then it's time to make an appointment on site. It won't be long now until the construction and subsequent completion of the PV system.

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    Security for roof rental through insurance cover

    Rent out roof in exchange for roof renovation

    If you rent out your roof area and benefit proportionately from the income from the photovoltaic system, it is important that the income from the PV system is also secured in every respect.

    This is ensured by two insurance policies: As the manager of the photovoltaic system, we always take out photovoltaic liability insurance insurance. In the event of damage, we take care of an uncomplicated settlement of the claim.

    In addition, the system operator secures himself through a photovoltaic all-risk insurance against all possible risks. Even loss of yield and reduced yield are insured. Your building is therefore always safe while you rent out your roof. And the PV system is also insured. So nothing stands in the way of your regular rental income.

    What is covered by all-risk insurance?

    Photovoltaic all-risk insurance protects the income from the PV system and therefore also your rental income that you generate by renting out the roof. Without this insurance, also known as electronics insurance, we do not operate a solar system. A photovoltaic investment starts at around €60,000. These amounts are only financed by banks or by your own funds if the PV system itself is insured in every respect.

    The insurance covers, for example, natural events such as lightning, hail, storm or consequential damage after a thunderstorm, fire, theft, operating errors during maintenance, damage caused by animals (e.g. maggot bites), overvoltage, etc.

    Is the loss of income insured for the roof rental?

    Yes, even the loss of yield is covered by the photovoltaic yield loss insurance is insured. So if you rent out your roof area and the photovoltaic system suffers an insured loss, this will be repaired by the insurance company. During the period in which the yields stop, the insurance pays the lost yields. By renting out your roof, you benefit proportionately from the income from the solar system from the 20th year onwards. Your rental income is therefore always additionally secured for the entire term.


    Is there a yield guarantee for roof rental?

    Yes, we even insure a reduced yield for our photovoltaic systems. By renting out a solar roof, you can therefore count on continuous income for the roof lease. The yield guarantee reimburses lost yields due to reduced global radiation or module output or also due to interruption of the power supply grid if the predicted annual energy yield, e.g. for new photovoltaic systems, is undercut by more than 10%.

    As the amount of the electricity revenue is guaranteed in addition to the reduced yield due to the fixed EEG remuneration, you are not taking any risk with the roof rental. The yield guarantee often costs extra, which is why people like to save money here. However, we always take out this insurance so that we can be sure that the yields we expect from the solar system will actually materialize in the end.

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    Renting out roofs for a PV system: 6 advantages

    • High rental payment for roof rental

      Would you like to rent out your roof area and already own new roof areas? Then the amount of the lease payment will certainly play an important role for you. As we realize projects throughout Germany and are one of the largest project developers for photovoltaic roof systems, we can offer you the highest possible lease payment from the outset.

      If you leave your roof areas empty as an alternative to renting them out, you will not earn anything with your roof areas. On the contrary: by leaving the roofs empty, they are constantly exposed to the weather. If the roof cladding is covered with photovoltaic modules, the additional module layer protects your roof surface. Unused roof surfaces are in need of renovation sooner.

      So earn money by renting out your roof and protect your roofs in the long term with a photovoltaic system.

    • Increase the value of your property by renting out your roof

      Increase the value of your property by renting out your roof space! Because in the case of a roof renovation, we will invest around €50,000 - €700,000 in the renovation alone, which is the corresponding amount by which the value of your property will immediately increase.

      If you rent your roof to us, we usually conclude a lease agreement for 40 years. From year 20-40, we give you a percentage share of the profits from the PV investment. This leaves you with a further profit over this term, which benefits the value of your property.

      The value of your property will increase dramatically regardless of the roof renovation or one-off payment and if you sell your property, you can demand a significantly higher purchase price for it. Quite apart from the monetary appreciation of your property, you will also benefit from an enhanced image if you lease your roof, and this is immediately visible to everyone.

    • Free roof renovation and rent payment by leasing your roof

      Do your roof surfaces need to be renovated? Then you are usually facing a very cost-intensive undertaking. By leasing your roof for the operation of a PV system, you can save these costs completely, benefit from free roof refurbishment and spend or invest elsewhere. 

      Irrespective of the renovation of the roof cladding, you even receive a regular rental payment over the period from year 20 to year 40 of the lease term in proportion to the profits from the PV system. This not only saves you a large sum of money, you also earn money with your roof surfaces!

      Before you rent out your roof area, you can also obtain a roofing quote to get an overview of the renovation costs ahead. We will be happy to send you roofing quotes by email on request so that you can get an exact idea and estimate of the costs.

    • Rent out roofs and generate income for 40 years

      By leasing your roof area, you benefit from a free roof renovation or a high one-off payment for the lease of 20 years. As the lease agreement for roof leases is often concluded for 40 years, you will receive a regular lease payment from the income from the solar investment regardless of the years 20-40. Make use of your vacant roof areas and generate ongoing additional income before you leave your roof areas empty. 

    • Roof rental with 100% security thanks to all-round protection

      Would you like to rent out your roof area without taking any risks? Then you need to take out 2 types of insurance: Liability insurance and all-risk insurance for the PV system. We take out both of these insurances as a plant constructor. This means that virtually all risks are covered. Even the loss of yield and reduced yield is included in this insurance for solar roof rental.

      This means that the income from the PV system is always guaranteed, as is the rental payment that you receive as the owner through the roof lease. By renting out your roofs, you are not taking any risks and your rental income is as secure as the sunrise the next morning .

    • Rent out a roof and get everything from a single source

      Get everything from a single source when leasing a roof, without having to communicate via long chains of intermediaries. You have one point of contact for all matters, and we remain your point of contact for the entire term of the roof lease through ongoing, regular maintenance of the photovoltaic system.

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    Renting out a solar roof - for whom is it worthwhile?

    Renting out a roof area for solar is particularly worthwhile if you...

    • ... do not use your roof area. Very few people use their roof area. It is therefore very worthwhile if you rent out your roof for solar and generate a high income from your unused roof area.
    • ... need a roof renovation. Solar Direktinvest offers you a free roof renovation if your roof is in need of renovation and you rent your roof to us. In return, we install photovoltaic systems on the roof after the roof renovation.
    • ... want to generate passive income. Because if you rent out your roof area, have photovoltaic systems built on it and then receive annual lease payments, you will benefit from passive income for 40 years and possibly secure a pension subsidy.
    Rent a roof Solar
    • ... want to promote sustainably produced electricity. By renting out your roof surface as a solar surface, you are making a valuable contribution to the energy transition. By renting out your roof area for photovoltaics, you are promoting the construction of photovoltaic systems that produce sustainable and environmentally friendly electricity.
    • ... would like to upgrade your property - especially by renovating the roof! As you rent out your roof for photovoltaics and generate additional rental income, you benefit from an increase in the value of the property.
    • ... need to cover a short-term liquidity requirement. If you rent out your roof for the construction of solar installations, you can receive a high one-off payment for 20 years in advance if you wish. Thanks to the fast processing, you can increase your liquidity.
    • ... want to invest in photovoltaics without equity. After you have received fixed lease payments for 20 years, you usually receive a share of the proceeds from the solar system from the 21st year onwards. This allows you to benefit from the high profits of a PV system without investing your own money.

    ⇒ If you have an unused roof or several roof areas with a total area of approx. 1000 m², it is always worthwhile renting out your roof area for solar.

    Rent out your roof now thanks to photovoltaics and generate high income.

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    Rent out roof space and protect the environment

    Would you like to rent out your roof area and do something good not only for yourself, but also for your fellow human beings? Then make use of your previously unused roofs by renting them out for a solar installation. This solar system generates green, sustainable electricity, which means that less electricity has to be produced using conventional energy sources such as brown coal or crude oil, thus protecting the environment.


    By renting a roof, you protect the environment

    By renting out your roof area in exchange for roof renovation, you protect our environment in the long term. This is because the photovoltaic system installed on your roof as part of the roof lease generates clean energy. This means that less electricity has to be generated by conventional energy sources, which in turn cause enormously high CO2 emissions. The CO2 in our atmosphere continues to drive global warming. The result is climate changewhich is harming nature and people. The solution is renewable energies.

    The probability that we can implement your project decreases with every month that the remuneration for a solar investment falls and the potential margin decreases accordingly. So don't wait another day and write to us using the contact form if a roof rental is an option for you.

    Enhance the image of your location by renting out your roof and generating clean energy

    Enhance the image of your location by renting out your roof area. The new roof cladding (assuming a roof renovation) gives your property an enormous upgrade, which is immediately apparent at first glance. If you rent out your roof and have roof surfaces containing asbestos, we will also renovate these before we install a PV system on your roof. This protects your health, as asbestos fibers are highly toxic and carcinogenic.

    In addition to enhancing the value of your property through roof rental with a roof refurbishment, your location will leave a completely new positive impression thanks to the large roof areas covered with photovoltaic modules. It sends a clear signal to the outside world: you are doing everything you can for our future! You can generate clean electricity in the future. Set an example by renting out your roof and set a good example for as many other owners of vacant roof space as possible to follow.

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    Renting out roof space for environmental protection and sustainability

    Sea levels are inevitably rising due to melting poles, the air is polluted by industry and fossil fuels. These are just a few of the major environmental problems of our time. But Solar Direktinvest believes that it is time to act.

    Not only the energy transition, but also environmental protection and sustainability are important to us. With our PV investments, we enable roof owners to make their own contribution to the energy transition by leasing their roof.

    But our commitment doesn't stop there! Together with our cooperation partner PLANT-MY-TREE® , we plant 1,000 trees per year. In this way, entire forests are created in Büttelborn (Hesse) and other German municipalities, for example. By protecting these newly planted trees from clearing and commercial use for 99 years, a natural environment is created for our native animal and plant species.

    Our climate and the environment are very important to us. That is why we continue to look for ways to promote environmental and climate protection. We are particularly looking forward to further promoting the expansion of photovoltaics in Germany with our direct solar investments and thus making a major contribution to the energy transition.