Green Investing

Green investing - an ongoing trend that has been attracting increasing attention recently. But what exactly is a green investment? Does a green investment offer good potential returns? And how can you become a green investor yourself to get in on the trend? We will answer all these questions for you on the following page. We also take a closer look at green photovoltaic investments and show you how easy it is to become a green investor.

Green Investing - Definition

Green investing focuses on the environment. A green investment supports companies and products that have a positive impact on the environment and, in the best case, are also sustainable.

At the same time, green investments are often associated with the so-called ESG criteria and are also assessed according to these criteria. ESG stands for environment, social and governance. These criteria ensure that a certain minimum standard is met, as companies undertake to comply with standards within these categories. Environmental protection, human rights, women's quota, transparency and energy consumption are just some of these criteria.

ESG criteria therefore also count in green investing. However, these criteria should be considered more specifically in the implementation of green investing. Green investing focuses primarily on companies and projects that are committed to conserving natural resources, reducing pollution or pursuing other environmentally conscious business practices.

⇒ The term "green investing" and " sustainable investment " is not uniformly defined, so that many investments that appear green are not environmentally friendly or sustainable at second glance. Before buying a green investment, check the criteria listed above to ensure that it really is a green investment.

Green Investing

Invest Green! - A growing trend

True to the motto "Invest Green!", green investing is becoming increasingly popular with investors. This is due to the changed awareness in society, which is gradually gaining ground.

Investments should no longer just be used to build up assets, but the money invested should ideally support projects and companies that the investor also stands behind morally.

At the same time, the future also lies in the areas covered by green investing: increasing climate catastrophes and the advancing climate crisis show that new ideas and solutions are needed to meet future challenges.

What is a green investment? - Opportunities

There are many different ways to engage in green investing and become a green investor. Find out more about the providers of green investments and make sure that the investment really is a sustainable investment or that sustainable companies are involved.

Invest Green is possible with this Green Invest:

  • Exchange traded funds (ETFs) can be green if the above ESG criteria are met

  • Sustainable and climate-friendly tangible assets, such as photovoltaic systems

  • Green investment funds that also meet the ESG criteria

  • Shares in environmentally friendly, sustainable companies

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Is green investing worthwhile?

Green investing can currently pay off more than ever. After all, green technology and sustainable companies seem to be the future at the moment.

The more people invest their money sustainably or invest in green and climate-friendly technology, the more companies will be forced to rethink. They have to think more about issues such as climate neutrality, sustainability and environmental protection. Green investing is therefore particularly worthwhile for the environment and the clear conscience that green investing gives you.

But economic aspects also speak in favor of green investing. Due to the political course set for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050 and the rethinking in society, according to which climate-neutral, environmentally friendly or even green products are in demand, green investing can also generate good returns.

As the purchase price of sustainable investments has fallen, a good return is now possible - as various studies have shown - which even exceeds the return on many other investments.

So it can be said quite clearly: Yes, green investing pays off - invest green and protect the environment!

Green Investing

Green investing with photovoltaic systems

One way to become a green investor is to buy a photovoltaic system. This is because PV systems are climate-neutral after just a few years and supply green and sustainable electricity for decades. This electricity can either be used for your own consumption or fed into the public grid, increasing the proportion of green electricity.

However, not every house roof is suitable for a solar system and sometimes your own roof area is not sufficient for an investment.

The solution? A large photovoltaic direct investment on a leased open space or roof area.

Photovoltaic investments offer the opportunity to become a green investor without owning your own space. When a landlord provides a roof or open space for a solar system and you purchase this photovoltaic system, you not only become the owner of the PV system, but also the system operator.

As a system operator, you can feed the green electricity generated into the public grid, regardless of where in Germany the photovoltaic system you have purchased is located, and thus contribute to an increased share of green electricity.

At the same time, the investment is also financially worthwhile: with a return of up to 10% p.a. with direct marketing, PV investment puts many other investments in the shade.

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Green Investing

Invest Green with photovoltaic direct investments

Invest Green: With your green investment, you are not only doing something for the environment, but also for your assets and benefit from the many advantages of a green investment in a solar system on a leased area.

  • Climate-neutral operation after a few years
  • Guaranteed feed-in tariff through the EEG
  • Supplying hundreds of households with green electricity
  • Returns of up to 10% per year
  • Saving several tons of CO2
  • Service life of up to 40 years

Become a green investor with Solar Direktinvest!

Solar Direktinvest GmbH is the market-leading provider of large-scale photovoltaic direct investments operating throughout Germany.

We sell both new and existing systems on leased land and roof areas. We attach great importance to quality and work according to the motto "Everything from a single source!"

With us at your side, it's easy to become a green investor and have a positive impact on the environment and the climate with your investment.

Contact us for a green investment in your own PV system!

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When do you count as a green investor?

You count as a green investor as soon as you decide on a sustainable, green investment that meets the criteria listed above and invest in it. The amount invested does not matter, so anyone can become a green investor.

It doesn't matter whether you opt for an investment that supports sustainable projects or whether you choose a green investment that has a direct impact on your everyday life and with which you can make a demonstrable contribution to protecting the environment, such as with a photovoltaic system or heat pump.

Each of our investors protects the environment with their own photovoltaic system and the production of sustainable electricity. This makes every one of our investors a green investor!